Tuesday, April 21, 2009

To Tweet or not to Tweet

A lot of people have been tweeting but after the first to a million hype race that the husband of Demi Moore and CNN had a lot of people are now signing up. Even Oprah signed up and I bet some person out there will try and be relevant by joining the Twitter network.

In retrospect, microblogs are becoming very popular because of myriads of reasons but probably one of these reasons is that people just don't have time to read a very long post. Even with all the speed we have right now we still don't have time.


I have taken a Blogcation but I promise to resume my blogging about my new life experience.

Cheers all.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Remembering Hermano Puli

If Hermano Puli was alive today he would be branded as a religious fanatic and probably be dragged to a mental institution and kept there, I believe a former president of this republic did this to a couple of people.

Herman Puli aka Apolinario Dela Cruz led the Confradia de San Jose which was born out of his desire to be a cleric which was disallowed because he was not Spanish.

Because of his teaching his movement was persecuted then massacred.

Anyway he might have been crazy or unstable but he was our crazy.

Tayabas and Lucban and probably the rest of Quezon Province will celebrate on November 4 to remember him.

Waiting for NetBeans 6.5

have to admit I am not one of the old styles coders who uses a text editor or emacs to edit java source code since I am not that fluent in Java. Anyway I use Netbeans as my IDE most of the time and Eclipse when I need to do somethings that are very hard to do in NetBeans.

I am both excited and apprehensive. Excited since it has features personally I think is a must such as the support for grails and groovy without going to the trouble of trying to get a plugin to run. Apprehensive since the hardware requirements might make me upgrade my existing computers.

I will have to wait for the official release.

Friday, October 10, 2008

I’m a New Fan of an Artist

I found an artist in youtube doing a cover of “Enter Sandman” a heavy metal song sung by Metallica.

Mr. James Munroe did a very good cover and converted the heavy metal classic into a folk song. Kudos man

Anyway just listen and appreciate the music. For more info just visit his site at www.jamesmunroe.ca (OMG he is a Canadian)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Longganisang Lucban debate at Tayabas.ph forums

Tayabas forums Longganisang Lucban debate

Amusing how Tayabasins reacts to the topic. Hope this does not escalate to a flame war.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Tayabas In Perspective

When I was a young child Tayabas was a place I rarely visit. This was because during that time the roads from Lucena to Tayabas was not paved well. I only frequented the Baranggay of Wakas because firstly our protestant church was situated there (UCCP) and my music teacher lived there at that time.

Trips to the Tayabas market to get carabao meat (a family favorite) were an adventure and were relished by myself. This one done using our family owner-type jeep and the only other means was to either take the large jeepneys or take the minibus up to Tayabas.

Times have indeed change from those days Tayabas now is an easily accessible City and has even an FX taxi service. The ever famous 7-11 exist and so do other franchise establishment. Even with all this the City still maintains the rustic and secluded aura that makes for a town in between the past and the future.